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Compsobuthus jakesi Kovařík, 2003

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DISTRIBUTION. Iran, Khoozestan Province (Navidpour et al 2008: 9), Bushehr Province (Navidpour et al 2008: 7); Iraq (Kovařík, 2003: 91).


DIAGNOSIS. Total length 26 to 30 mm. Male with much wider and shorter chela of pedipalps. Movable finger of pedipalp bears 11 rows of granules, all without external and with internal granules (acutecarinatus group). Intermediate carinae of second segment of metasoma may reach three-quarters of segment length or be confined to


only its posterior half; third segment bears only three to ten posteriorly situated granules in place of intermediate carinae (however, carina may span one-half of segment); fourth segment with lateral surface entirely devoid of granules. Pectinal teeth number 16-17 in females and 16-19 in males.


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