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Hottentotta jayakari (Pocock, 1895)

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male-dorsal-jay female-ventral-jay




United Arab Emirates (Hendrixson, 2006: 79), Oman (Pocock, 1895: 302), Saudi Arabia (Hendrixson, 2006: 79), and Yemen (Al-Safadi, 1992: 97). Record for Iran (Werner, 1929: 243; Farzanpay, 1988: 37) and India (Kraepelin, 1901: 267).


In Iran:Hormozgan province ( Farzanpay, 1988)




Total length 65–90 mm. Trichobothrium db on the fixed finger of pedipalp situated between trichobothria et and est. Chelicerae yellow to brown, reticulate. Sexual dimorphism not readily apparent; width of pedipalp chela and metasomal segments same in both sexes, males have fingers of pedipalps somewhat more twisted then females. Pectinal teeth number 37–42 in males, 32–35 in females. Pedipalps densely hirsute, metasoma sparsely hirsute. Carapace, mesosoma, patella and chela of pedipalps, fourth and fifth metasomal segments and telson yellowish brown to black. Anterior part of carapace with black spot. Mesosomal segments often with a median longitudinal yellowish-brown stripe. Femur of pedipalps, legs, and first and second metasomal segments yellow to yellowish green. Femur of pedipalp with 5 carinae, patella with 8 carinae, chela lacks carinae. Movable fingers of pedipalps with 14–15 rows of granules and 5 or 6 terminal granules. Seventh metasomal segment with 4 well marked ventral carinae. First metasomal segment with 10 carinae; second segment with 8 carinae and lateral median short row of granules; third and fourth segments with 8 carinae; fifth segment with 5 carinae, 3 ventral (1 median, 2 lateral) and 2 dorsal. All metasomal carinae granulated. Dorsal carinae of metasomal segments bear larger terminal granules. Dorsal surface smooth, fifth metasomal segment bears 2 short, inconspicuous carinae. First metasomal segment of adults usually longer than wide or as long as wide, second metasomal segment always longer than wide. Second to fourth metasomal segment width ratio less than 1.1.


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