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Orthochirus iranus Kovařík, 1997

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Fourth and fifth metasomal segments ventrally punctate and without carinae. Dorsal surface of metasomal segments smooth except for fifth segment which bears median row of minute granules that widens in posterior half. Spaces among punctae on ventral surface smooth, only fourth metasomal segment may be sparsely granulated. Entire metasoma glabrous (very short, thin setae may issue from some punctae).


Mesosoma and metasoma black. Telson reddish brown. Femur and patella of legs and pedipalps black, chela of pedipalps and tibiae of legs pale yellow to yellowish brown. Movable fingers of pedipalps bear 8 or 9 rows of granules with internal and external granules and four or five distal granules. Tarsomere I of first to third legs usually with bristlecombs composed of only 5 or 6 bristles, which may be irregular and not always form bristlecombs..Adult males are about 32 mm and females

up to 38.5 mm long.

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