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Orthochirus fuscipes (Pocock, 1900)

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Fourth and fifth metasomal segmentsventrally without carinae and deeply punctate, dorsally weakly punctate only on margins and lacking punctae on smooth median surface. Medial area of fifth metasomal segment may be in part granulated. Spaces among

punctae smooth, dorsally as well as ventrally without granules. Entire metasoma glabrous (very short, thin setae may issue from punctae). Mesosoma and metasoma dark brown to black, first two metasomal

segments may be more lightly colored. Legs and pedipalps predominantly yellow, femur grayish green or black, patella grayish yellow or yellow. Movable fingers of pedipalps bear 8 or 9 rows of granules with internal

and external granules and 2 to 4 distal granules. Tarsus of first to third legs with bristlecombs usually composed of 8 or less bristles, tarsus of fourth leg without bristlecombs. Pectinal teeth number 21-24 in males and 19-22 in females.

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