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(Curriculum vitae)


First name: Shahrokh

Last name: Navidpour

Data of Birth: 13/01/1967

Place of Birth: AhvazIran

Nationality: Iranian

Professional Address:

Razi Reference Lab. of Scorpion Research (RRLS), Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute, Karaj, Iran.

Tel: +982634502811

Fax: +982634502859

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Staff of Razi research Institute, Head of Reference Lab. of scorpion and Entomology research center in south – western Iran.


- DVM (1992) Veterinary Medicine school of Chamran uni. Ahvaz.

- PhD in Medical parasitology and Entomology(2001), Chamran uni. Ahvaz.

Research Interested

1) Medical Entomology and other Arthropoda

2) Scorpiology

3) Taxanomic study of scorpion

4) Myasis


1) Iranian society of Medical Entomology

2) Iranian society of parasitogy

3) New York Academy of science

4)International Society for Arachnology

5)Scorpion Systematics Research Group



1) Navidpour, SH, et al (1996) The first outbreak of chrysomyia bezziana in khoozestan province, Iran vet. Records.

2) Navidpour, SH, Hoghooghi – rad, N (1998) Seroprevalence of anti – Toxoplasma gondii antibodies in buffaloes in Khoozestan, Iran.Veterinary Record,77.191-194.

3) Navidpour, SH; Jahanifard, E (2007) Tabanidae species in the Hoveizeh and Shadegan marshlands of Khoozestan, Iran. J.Exp. Zool. India, 10:2, 213-215.

4) Navidpour, SH; et al (2007) studies of antibodies development in naturally in fested goats by przhevalskiana sp. using by Elisa kit. J. Exp. Zool. India, 10: 2, 301-303

5) Navidpour, SH; et al (2007) Goat warble fly infestation (GWFI) by przhevalskiana app. In Khoozestan, Iran. J. Exp. Zoo. India, 10: 2, 325-327.

6) Navidpour, SH; Vazirianzadeh, B. and Baker, A.S. (2008) New records of a parasitic mite, Allothrombium neapolitanum, oudemans, 1910 of scorpio maurus (scorpionidae) body from Boosher, South of Iran. J. Exp. Zoo. India, 11:1.

7)Navidpour,SH.;   Kovarik,F.;   Soleglad, M.E.;     Fet,V.(2008) Scorpions of Iran . Part 1.Khoozestan province.Euscorpius No.65

8) Navidpour,SH.;   Kovarik,F.;   Soleglad, M.E.;     Fet,V.(2008) Scorpions of Iran.   Part 2.Bushehr province.Euscorpius No.67

9) Navidpour,SH.;   Kovarik,F.;   Soleglad, M.E.;     Fet,V.(2008) Scorpions of Iran. Part 3.Ilam province.Euscorpius No.69

10)Navidpour,SH.;Lowe,G.(2008)Revised diagnosis and redescription of Apistobuthus susanae Lorenco 1998(Scorpiones,Buthidae).(in press).

11)Navidpour,SH.(2008)A new species of psammophilic scorpion from Iran.Journal of Entomology Society of Iran.(in press)

12) Navidpour, SH (2008) The first report of compsobuthus jakesi (scorpions: Buthidae) from Iran (in press).

13) Navidpour,SH.;   Kovarik,F.;   Soleglad, M.E.;     Fet,V.(2009) Scorpions of Iran(arachnida, scorpiones). Part IV. Kohgilouyeh & boyer ahmad province. Euscorpius No.74

14) Navidpour,SH.;   Kovarik,F.;   Soleglad, M.E.;     Fet,V.(2009) Scorpions of Iran(arachnida, scorpiones). Part V. chahar mahal & bakhtiyari province Euscorpius No.78

15) Navidpour,SH.;   Kovarik,F.;   Soleglad, M.E.;     Fet,V.(2010) Scorpions of Iran(arachnida, scorpiones). Part VI. Lorestan province Euscorpius No.99

16) Navidpour,SH.;   Kovarik,F.;   Soleglad, M.E.;     Fet,V.(2011) Scorpions of Iran(arachnida, scorpiones). Part VII. Kerman province Euscorpius No.131

17) Navidpour,SH.;   Kovarik,F.;   Soleglad, M.E.;     Fet,V.(2012) Scorpions of Iran(arachnida, scorpiones). Part VIII. Fars province Euscorpius No.131

18) Navidpour. Sh, Masihipour.B (2009)Study of morphometrical values of iranobuthus krali (scorpions buthidae) from Fars province, southern iran. Archives of razi institute

19) M.baradaran, A.jolodar, A.jalali, sh.navidpour, F.kafilzadeh (2001) Sequence analysis of lysozyme C from the scorpion mesobuthus eupeus venom glands using seminested RT-PCR. Iranian Red Crescent medical journal.

20) Navidpour. Sh.(2012) A review descriptive study on Hottentotta birula, 1908, species of Iran (scorpionida: buthidae). Archives of razi institute

21) Logunov, D. V, vazirianzadeh, B., Navidpour, SH (2006) New faunistic records of the jumping and crab spider (Aranei: salticidae, Thomisida and philodromidae) from Iran. Arthropoda selecta, 15(3): 225-228.

22) Jahani fard, E., Navidpour, SH., Mashihipour, B (2007) Pedipalps and venom vesicle Anomalies in two families of scorpions from Iran. Pakistan J. of Bio. Sci.

23) Masihipour,B.;Navidpour,SH.;Taghavi Moghadam,A.(2008)The termal effects on hemolymph electrolytes in Odontobuthus bidentatus Pocock(1897) (scorpions:Buthidae). J. Exp. Zoo. India


1) Navidpour, SH., et al (2006) A first case report of mite parasitoid from scorpion in Iran. XI international congress of parasitology, 6-11 Aug, GlasgowScotland.

2) Navidpour, SH., et al (2006) Preliminary study of immunization of buffalo calf using the egg and oncosphere antigens. XI international congress of parasitology, Glasgow - Scotland.

3) Navidpour, SH, at al (2007) Differentional study of morphology and Elisa test in diagnosis of Hypoderma of goat of Iran. 21 international conference WAAVp, Gent – Belgium.

4) Navidpour, SH., et al (2007) Study of Tabanidae (Diptera) in the Shadegan and Hovayzeh marsh and in Khoozestan province – Iran. 21 inte. Conference WAAVp, Gent – Belgium.

5) Masihipour, B., Navidpour, SH. (2007) The effect of Mesobuthus eupeus scorpion venom on WBC of Albino. Toxicology congres, ShirazIran.

6) Navidpour, SH. (1997) Microbiology of Mesobuthus venom. Annual Khoozetsn research center – meeting – Ahvaz, Iran,

7) Navidpour, SH. (1998) Study of Bacterological mortality in Mesobuthus (scorpions: Buthidae) chamran Univ. Meeting, Ahvaz, Iran.

8) Navidpour, SH. (2000) Chemical controls of scorpions in Khoozestan. Scorpion and scorpionism meeting – AhvazIran.

9) Navidpour, SH., Masihipour, B. (2000) Scorpions and scorpionism in Khoozestan province. The first Bioscience congress. KarajIran.

10) Navidpour, SH. (1997) Study of Geographilcal races of chrysomya bezziana in Iran. 3th medical parasitology cingress Sary – Iran.

11) Navidpour, SH. (1998) The first report of old world Screw – worm myiasis in south – west Iran. 3th Zoonosis congress TehranIran.

12) Navidpour, SH. (2002) Study of przhevalskiana species in Khoozestan province. The first veterinary clinical science Ormyeh – Iran.

13) Navidpour, SH. (2001) The zoonotic Myiasis in Iran caused by chrysomyia bezziana. The first zoonotic congress KarajIran.




Research projects

1- The study of old world screw – worm outbreak in south – west of Iran. 1995-1997. *Principal investigator

2- Differential study of morphological and serological test (Elisa) in goat warble fly diagnosis. 2003-2005.

*Principal investigator

3- A competitive Elisa for the serodiagnosis of goat warble fly infestation. 2004-2007.

*Principle investigator

4- Study of culicinae funa in Hovayzeh and Shadegan marshlands in Khoozestan 2005-2007.

*Priniciple investigator

5-Study of cDNA toxins of Buthidae by RT-PCR.2007-2008

*Priniciple investigator

6- Study of Fractions in Mesobuthus eupeus (scorpions) venom 2001-2002.


7- Biochemical study of Odontobuthus bidentathus (scorpions) venom 2004-2006.


8- Biological and Biochemical study of Apistobuthus susanae (scorpions: Buthidae) venom 2002-2004.


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