Orthochirus zagrosensis


Fourth and fifth metasomal segments ventrally punctate and without carinae. Spaces among punctae smooth, without granules. Metasoma ventrally glabrous (short, thin setae may issue from punctae), dorsolateraly may bear marginal row of long hairs.

Dorsal surface of all metasomal segments mesially smooth, without granules. Mesosoma and metasoma black, telson reddish brown to black, femur and patella of legs and pedipalps black, tibiae of legs yellow to yellowish green, manus of pedipalp black, fingers yellow to yellowish green. Movable fingers of pedipalps bear 8 or 9 rows of granules with internal and external granules and 2 distal granules. Tarsomere I of first to third legs with bristlecombs composed of only 4–6 bristles, fourth legs without bristlecombs.